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"I am Your Salvation"

Word of the Day

I was reading in Psalm today, specifically 35, and those words grabbed my attention:

"I am your salvation" (vs 3).

Just before those words, the Psalmist says:

"Say to my soul, I am your salvation".

He's writting about fighting, spears, stoping those who pursue, etc, so I'm guessing it is a plea for comfort and reasurrance. A reminder, not to our intellect, but to the very depths of our soul, that which makes us, which communicates with the Holy Spirit.

God's timing; of course perfect. As I'm reading this there is work turmoil, there is stress on the family in terms of constant sickness and sometimes a sense of needing to fight and draw out my spear, like in this chapter. But in the quiet of the night at the end of the day, I'm reminded that He is my salvation. Nothing that happens in my life surprises the God who formed the very universe with one word. Silly me for worrying for even one minute.

"Say to my soul, I am your salvation".

Philip J.