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The Glory of the Lord Fills the Tabernacle

Word of the Day

Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting,
and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.
Exodus 40:34

What an amazing thing to be there and see the Glory of the Lord fill the tabernacle. All the work and preparation for God's presence has been completed and God shows up. I can't help but think how that scene must have felt for Moses and the people. I try to think honestly, what would I have been thinking...? If I'm gonna be transparent, I would probably be thinking about when the land flowing with milk and honey would be coming... How awesome would it be to have God at my back and a good land to raise a family... But its not about me.

God's holiness is so much more important. Immediately following, the book of Leviticus begins and delivers all the sacrifices that we would need to make to please such a Holy God. God would begin the process of helping me understand how Holy he is and how offensive my sin is.

Father in heaven, let you presence come and dwell here with me. And please keep my focus on you. In such a quick moment, I can so easily start to think about what this means for me... Please remove that selfish thought. Lord as I begin to read Leviticus, open my eyes to the incredible magnitude of your holiness and the freedom I now have in Christ!

~ Rob Laizure