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Word of the Day: Exodus 12

Word of the Day

Reading: Exodus 12

"It's All Mixed Up!"

"A mixed multitude also went up with them," Exodus 12:38

Every church in America has a mixed multitude in its meeting places. And so it was with the multitudes in the exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. The distinctions between them were not always clear. It was more than just being Hebrew or Egyptian.
The book of Numbers tells us that among the mixed multitude were, "Rabble who…had greedy desires". (Numbers 11:4) But what about the Children of Israel? Were they all the same? I don't think so. Exodus 16:17-18 gives a glimpse at their behavior. Referring to the daily gathering of the manna, "The sons of Israel did so, and some gathered much and some little. When they measured it with an omer, he who had gathered much had no excess, and he who had gathered little had no lack; every man gathered as much as he should eat." It appears that some of them were greedy and wanted to take more than their share, but others took less. No matter how much they took though, they all had just exactly what they needed. I guess that this just shows us that each man is known by his deeds. As followers of Christ, no matter what group we are a part of, people should be able to see our 'good works and glorify God'.

Lord I want to be different so I can make a difference.
Help me to understand that little is much.
May people see You in me.