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Word of the Day: Genesis 7, 8, 9 Matthew 3

Word of the Day

Genesis 7, 8, 9 Matthew 3

We just read about the flood. I often wonder when I am in this part of Scripture why God did not just start all over. Why did He save Noah? We see that Noah was considered to be righteous before the Lord. His faith is remarkable in the fact God told him to build a ark and he does. There is only one way into the ark and God shuts Noah and his family in. Sound familiar. One way to the Father through Jesus. To answer the question why not start over goes back to what I see as a theme for me so far. God's amazing grace and promises.

Matthew 3 comes with John calling people to repentance. I am thankful for Psalms 103 in the fact God does not deal with us the way He should. Amazing Grace.

Lord thank you for Your grace and mercy in not dealing with us the way you should as sinful people we are. Thank you Lord for repentance and removing our sin as far as the east is from the west. Please Lord continue to show me my sin that I may confess it before you and turn. Lord teach me to have faith like Noah. In Jesus name Amen.


Tomorrow Genesis 10, 11, 12 Matthew 4