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Word of the Day: Psalm 103:5

Word of the Day

"Who Satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's."
Psalm 103:5

Often times I look to be satisfied with the good of my circumstances. I arrange my schedule, spend money, save money, engage with people, disengage with people all with a focus to orchestrate desirable circumstances... why? To provide comfort and security for myself. Often times, I even trick myself to think that I am doing it for the right reasons, for my family, for my boss, for my church, for my God. I want desirable outcomes when I want them and how I want them so that I would be satisfied.

Lord, I confess this as sin.

"Father, forgive me for focusing on my circumstances. Lord, cause me fully understand that satisfaction ONLY comes from you. Anything but you is a breath, an illusion a vapor. I pray that the all-consuming passion of my life is to seek your presence, listen to your voice and to obey what you are telling me to do. Lord, cause me to see life with your perspective and to love people like you love them. Father, I ask that you would satisfy me with your presence. Lord, please satisfy me with the living water of your Son in such a way that the circumstances of my life become irrelevant. Lord cause me to transcend above my circumstances and rejoice in the peace and hope that I have in you alone. Work a miracle in me, so that people would see Jesus and your glory would be made known."

Rob Laizure Jr.