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Word of the Day: Psalms 106:13

Word of the Day

"But they soon forgot his works; they did not wait for his counsel."
Psalms 106:13

How is it that I can forget the works of the Lord? When my circumstances seem pretty good, and when I think all the doors are open and I can handle it, then I move without waiting for His counsel. Just this week my mind was consumed with an idea that I could do. It was something that I thought would please you, but I was moving quickly without bringing it to you in prayer, because frankly, I wanted to move at my own pace.

"Lord, I want to wait for your counsel. When the circumstances are in order, Lord cause me to wait for your counsel. When I really feel good about it, Lord cause me to wait for your counsel. When everyone around me is saying 'go', Lord cause me to wait for your counsel. Lord, I pray that your counsel would drive the purpose in my life. And Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit, would be the power for me to move forward. Lord, I wait for you to say 'go' then cause me to have the courage and strength regardless of the circumstances"