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The Judicial System - Who Knew?

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You've probably seen or heard me talk about keeping God relevant in current times. Some people struggle with reading about the God of the bible from thousands of years ago, but feeling Him in the now of our lives. Of course to that I always suggest that a ongoing, real relationship with the Creator requires time with Him. In His word and in prayer. In actions of obedience and service to others.

Read Exodus chapter 18. (No, I meant right now. Stop and read chapter 18).

I'll wait.............

Here Moses is the man who God used to bring Israel out of slavery and bondage. The man who the people complain to every five minutes about their comfort and well being. And now the ONLY person the people bring their grievances to. Verse 13 says this poor guy sits as judge for his people from morning to evening. So when Moses's father-in-law, Jethro, comes to visit, he says "What is things thing that you are doing for the people?" (v. 14)

If you read the entire chapter like I suggested, you know that Jethro goes on to suggest that Moses bring on board some help. " men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such them to be rules......". (v. 21, partial) Jethro basically lays out a system that our United States judicial system is based on. I'm sure many of you knew this already, but what about our younger generation. I doubt today's schools are teaching the connection.

So for me, another cool example of God being relevant for today. We still follow a legal structure today for people to bring their grievances to a judge, a third party. We can read about every part of our lives; how to deal with conflict, how to deal with relationships and struggle. How to love and serve those around us. God is relevant. Just look for Him!

Philip J.